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Rescue Project



Nearing the end of summer and the beginning for a new project/adventure with the Indigo Quantum Biofeedback system; I am working with several different dogs from Agape, a local animal rescue organization.  These dogs come from different traumas or life experiences and will be offered up for adoption to a loving family once they are deemed healthy emotionally and physically.  For Riley, seen here, the Indigo sessions are to support emotional balance and health.   Her behavior due to being anxious, hyper reactant and a need to lick can be off-putting now.  Our objective to to help her respond with more calm affection and possibly learn an “inside voice” when needed.  Notice how she was able to settle on the table mat and enjoy this new experience with the help of her foster mom Jennifer and Tellington Touch practitioner Penny.  I will be sharing more later as we see healing changes.

P.S:  email from foster mom next day:  “Riley has never slept in the car. After Indigo she was completely relaxed in back seat and even fell asleep for part of the ride.

Progress. Thank you all”

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