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Quantum Biofeedback’s potential for healing one of man’s best friends.


The following is an email that was sent to friends and associates following INDIGO sessions for her dog Sammy. Sammy is a rescue who is a much loved member of the family.  Everyone who is attached to their family pet(s) will recognize the trauma of knowing your pet is facing this diagnosis.

On August 18, my dog Sammy, whom most of you have met, was diagnosed with heartworms.  The heartworms first showed up in a blood test, which her new vet, Dr. Nicole Harris, further confirmed with a chest X Ray that revealed worms had enlarged blood vessels coming out of her heart.

Sammy’s kidneys also showed some damage, probably caused by the heartworm infestation.  Dr. Harris delayed treating the worms for 2 weeks, instead giving Sammy medication to improve blood flow to the kidneys so she could be a strong and healthy as possible before undergoing the really awful treatment to eliminate the worms.

Treatment is  injections of Immiticide on two consecutive days.  The drug goes in the large muscle of the back, just behind the ribs.  If it leaks out of the muscle, it causes abscesses, which then must be treated.  Sammy would be on pain pills for several days following treatment, and would have to be kept very quiet for 30 days so the worm die off would not cause deadly blood clots.

Because Sammy had clearly benefited from a session on Belva Cummingham’s Indigo Quantum Biofeedback machine, I let Belva know immediately about Sammy’s diagnosis.  In the two weeks before I was to take Sammy back to the vet for treatment, Belva ran remote Indigo sessions using the identifying information the machine already had on Sammy.The Indigo sends specific healing frequencies to the subject, frequencies which address specific health issues.

Our vet appointment was to be Thursday, September 2.  The weekend before that date I noticed Sammy apparently feeling better than she had in quite a while.  By Tuesday before our Thursday appointment, Sammy was back to her jet propelled self, and I was dreading both the treatment and keeping her quiet.  Actually wondering if I could keep her quite.

On my last checkin with Belva, she told me the machine indicated that the worms were gone.  Did we dare hope this was true??

We went to see Dr. Harris on Thursday, and I told her briefly what Belva had been doing for Sammy.  I said Sammy had made such a radical shift for the better on the outside, I wanted a second heartworm test to see if anything had changed on the inside.  Dr. Harris was happy to do that.  In a few minutes she came back with the incredible news…. Sammy’s test was NEGATIVE!

We were all in a state of happy shock!  I’m grateful to Dr. Harris and her staff for their openness and support.  They all shared my joy!  Dr. H also asked for information on the machine.

I don’t and can’t  know the full extent of the potential for healing, but the power of the Indigo machine has been dramatically illustrated in Sammy’s situation.

With gratitude to all concerned,

Penny Case

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