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Macrobiotics Defined

     Have you ever wondered what Macrobiotics means?  We found out!

   Dana Lowe has been utilizing the macrobiotic principles for about 30 years, and graduated from Levels I, II and III of the Kushi Institute, Brookline, Mass. in the early 1980’s.  Having previously spoken to groups on these topics at the Los Angeles East/West Center, as well as in the Nashville area, he presented an overview of Macrobiotics on Sunday, May 13 to friends and interested readers of this site.  

   As you have seen, my essential oil product line is known as Scentered, and if you receive body work and biofeedback work from me, you know my focus is on balance.  We learned that macrobiotics is about balance in the big view of life.  Everyone gained a new way to look at the quality of our food and how to make more intelligent choices in food combinations.  

We are discussing future meetings to add to this basic overview, details to come.  IF you are interested in these events, please contact me via email.  

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