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Essential Oils for You

       Essential oils, blended or as a single oil, are an integral part of my practice in Nashville.  The opportunity to talk about them and explain my relationship and how I use them was a pleasure and seemed to be enjoyed by most who attended.

   My friend Meg MacFadyen owns the art gallery in East Nashville known as the Garage Mahal and/or Art & Invention. She has long been my co-worker in the Scentered line of blends and products so it was natural to approach her for the location to present the talk on essential oils on April 17th.  She can often answer questions about specific use and experience with the unique blends, as she is my largest local retail outlet, and is often the source of a new recipe.   

      If you missed this fun and informative event, visit the gallery:  1106 Woodland St., Nashville, TN  37206 and browse the blends, smell the smells and enjoy the comfort of the space while shopping for that special gift.  Art & Invention’s selection of hand made items; artistic creations that can be worn or used in your home or might be a not so traditional two dimension painting for that wall in your home or office, is unique and priced for all budgets.


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