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Feel Better Low Budget

For those who are my clients and receive massage therapy, you know the value of appropriate touch.  The endorphins produced last much longer than the actual massage.  If you aren’t feeling well, physically or emotionally, receiving touch can change turn that around in a matter of minutes. . . and there are no harmful side effects (think medications).  Scientific research has shown that to give touch can have similar effects.  So, my secret is out:  I feel much better after a long day of giving massages!!  More important, this is available to you if you have a pet.  To offer them strokes, or brushing can make you feel better.  If you have or have had a pet, you know they are all about unconditional love anyway.  They like us in the worst of times, and bring more joy when times are good.  Recent stories of horrific animal abuse have stated again and again, the animals once rescued are loving and giving.

The gift of touch should not be forced on others – people and animals sometimes don’t want to be touched, and that is their choice that should be honored.  But if you have a pet or are considering a pet, read more here to understand the health benefits:  Click Here

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