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Chronic Sinus Problems

   Fall is here and thankfully a bit of rain.  We have predictions of more moisture coming within the week.  After an extremely dry late summer, it feels good to walk on a lawn that does not crunch.
    I seldom have an allergic response to Spring pollens and or seasonal issues, yet this year I have had a nagging dry cough during this dry season.  Homeopathic treatment for allergies has helped, and focusing on staying hydrated has supported my immune system to function well.
    There is another cause for chronic sinus infections and allergic symptoms that is often overlooked.  The medical community most often responds with antibiotics for any symptoms that indicate inflammation and/or infection.  Because this is not caused by bacteria, the bio terrain can be thrown out of balance with this standard treatment, and the problem will only get worse.  Nashvillians are experiencing more of this because of the flooding last year.  Homes that were damaged enough to be removed are not the problem.  Mold can easily move into a home that had some water damage, and a delayed drying period.  If there has ever been a leak in the bathroom, under a sink or from roof damage, it is worth an inspection to know if there is a mold colony.  Read more about this variety of mold issue that can be hazardous to your health.  Click Here.

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