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A New Look

It is a busy world we live in, and everything seems to change constantly. The new, restructured web site for will meet these needs of staying current and interesting. There is so much more to experience. Friends and clients who know me well, know I am often technically challenged which makes this site even more of a exciting experience. Wish I could take full credit, but it is all about knowing the right people who can do what I am unable to do on my own.

There will be stories about exciting results of the work with clients: mind, body and spirit are all a part of the healing; working with massage therapy and quantum biofeedback I have found my niche in this alternative health field.

There are links to articles of interest. I investigate, research and explore the research by the scientific community that addresses and/or supports how we can take control of our own health issues. When I find information that I think is relevant or reflects the science behind what might have been described as ‘grandmother’s wisdom’, I offer that to you by publishing a link. I encourage you to read items of interest and investigate further. If you like what you see, I have provided a “Keep in Touch” sign up area in the right sidebar on my site. Simply provide your name and email address to receive notifications of new information.

The web store for is now a part of my personal site. There are descriptions of all the essential oil blends and what they have been known to address as well as the products made with the essential oils. The web store has been in hiatus for over 2 years – a victim of hackers and my inability to deal with the trauma of the experience…until now.

My love of jewelry and the experience of working with friends at the Nashville Flea Market each month created an opportunity to search through gently used jewelry and to acquire some great ‘finds’ in sterling silver, precious and semi-precious stones. After cleaning, repairing or making something new from the bits and pieces, they will be offered for sale through the Scentered web store and at my office.

The site that has been up for many, many years is still beautiful to me. After working with creative designers for many years in my previous career, I know that the most responsible action I can take is to hire those who know what they are doing when it is out of my scope of practice. That is true here. Terry Bailey of Bailey Graphic Design created my public image almost from the beginning of my practice.  He designed my logo, signage, stationary, gift certificates, intake forms and the original web sites. When he told me it was time to update, upgrade and rebuild I trust him to know how to do it best, and here it is. “Bless his heart”, he has helped me learn how to photograph the products, write the articles and maintain the site.

So when you look at the beauty of the site, appreciate the creative abilities of Bailey Graphic Design. When you see typos, and ‘what were you thinking’ moments in the copy, call me or email me and suggest a correction.

I hope you enjoy the experience of this site as much as I do, and keep coming back.

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