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Scentered Personal Blend



Personal Blend

Pure essential oils are not just a “smell”, they are medicinal vibrations (frequencies) used since ancient times for healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  Your personal blend will be formulated specifically to help you stay in balance or come back into balance as you deal with the every day stresses in life.

This blend of pure essential oils may be worn like perfume or used before bed time, after the bath, in your bath water, applied to the soles of your feet or any pulse point as a tool to bring balance.  As with all fragrances, your sense of smell will become acclimated in about 15 minutes and you may not smell it on yourself, yet it will still be there. There is no need to reapply throughout the day.

Note that all future orders for your  blend will be quoted pricing.  As each person’s ‘recipe’ is unique, the cost of your blend is based on the cost of the specific oils.  Future orders may be for the pure blend or as a lotion, cream, bath oil or in any of the personal products made by Scentered.  Air misters are always easy to carry and are great for gentle support.

When you have entered the order for your personal blend, please contact me via email with your phone number and email address so that I may contact you for the information needed to complete your request.

With the creation of your personal blend, you will receive a 1 dram bottle filled with the pure essential oil blend that is uniquely yours.