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Scentered Essential Oils


Pure essential oils are extracted from the plant leaf, flower, bud, stems or roots by steam distillation or solvent.  They are a very powerful concentration of the essence of the plant and the healing properties and should be handled as powerful medicine.  They can be toxic if used improperly, and therefore are often blended into carrier oils or lotions to assure dilution.  Remember, often less than one drop or up to three drops is a full application.


Known to promote abundance, plain and simple. By creating a constant, even flow of energy, this blend supports the possibility of abundance in money, love, joy or whatever is appropriate for the user. Seems to amplify the properties of any oil with which it is blended.

1 dram  $26.02  |  2 dram $45.98  |  1/2 oz $71.81


Ancient Wisdom

Intended to offer protection against the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual illness of our times, and resistance to the strains of ancient/exotic disease we thought had been eradicated. Thought to support the immune system in resisting modern maladies. Carries an element of the ancient wisdom now being restored to the modern world.

1 dram  $47.20  |  2 dram $85 |  1/2 oz $135.93


Anti Wrinkle

This blend is analgesic, antiseptic, calming. It addresses insomnia, anxiety, fear, depression, confusion, trauma and mood swings, all of which are stressors to the tissues, causing aging of the skin. Recommended use as a face moisturizer in Camellia oil.

1 dram  $15.85  |  2 dram $27.25  |  1/2 oz $41.05



This is a new blend, and thought to be about personal awakening to  the planetary changes, the increased frequencies and our place in this time.

1 dram  $9.77  |  2 dram $16.05  |  1/2 oz $22.65


Candy Cane

This smells just like a candy cane, and while it was introduced during the holiday season, it is helpful year round. It helps to keep you sharp, focused, and clear-headed while maintaining a sense of well being.

1 dram  $17.75  |  2 dram $30.75  |  1/2 oz $46.80



Reported to be a very cleansing, purifying and healing blend. Also grounding and nurturing. Helps you focus on your purpose without distractions. Useful tool for meditation.

1 dram  $51.00  |  2 dram $92.00 |  1/2 oz $147.43


Chakra Balance

Helps align & balance the energy centers of the body.

1 dram  $20.22  |  2 dram $35.30  |  1/2 oz $54.28



Helps you feel relaxed and refreshed, and can clear the head. It helps balance the emotions, and seems to strengthen psychic awareness. This blend offers a boost to the immune system, and smells bright and fresh!

1 dram  $11.10  |  2 dram $18.50  |  1/2 oz $26.68



I like a clean house, but not the health effects of toxic cleaners. Here I’ve combined essential oils that are great cleaners, anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-depressant. They also offer respiratory support.  If you need to scrub, add to baking soda for the abrasive.

1 dram  $8.63  |  2 dram $13.95  |  1/2 oz $19.20


Cough Ender

The name says it all!  This oil blend has a reputation for calming the most chronic of coughs while breaking up congestion. These oils not only help relax & heal tissue, but also have antiseptic, analgesic, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-fungal attributes as well. A real boon to the respiratory system.

1 dram  $19.65  |  2 dram $34.25  |  1/2 oz $52.55


Divine Intervention

Cleansing and purifying, this blend is meant to assist in creating a clear channel to the Divine. With this oil, inspiration is often there just when you need it. Helps the user to see the spiritual aspects of a situation.

1 dram  $32.95  |  2 dram $58.75 |  1/2 oz $92.80



Promotes feelings of happiness and lightheartedness. Helps to restore the joy of living!

1 dram  $13.00  |  2 dram $22.00  |  1/2 oz $32.43



Can offer immediate relief in a crisis! This oil blend is known to calm, ground, and clear the head in a hurry! Suggested for someone on the verge of panic or who is experiencing extreme emotion. Offers relief for temporary or chronic stress.

1 dram  $22.79  |  2 dram $40.03  |  1/2 oz $62.04



This scent definitely hooks your attention and draws you in! It seems to captivate and almost make the heart bubble with delight, encouraging you to take a deep breath, and just feel the vitality that courses through your veins. Appears to strengthen and enliven the body, spirit, and the senses, and acts as an all around “feel-good” tonic.

1 dram  $22.50  |  2 dram $39.50  |  1/2 oz $61.18



A blend of oils that will improve circulation, support the respiratory, lymphatic and digestive systems. Great for tired feet and releasing tight muscles any where on the body. Smells great as well as bringing a sense of well-being.

1 dram  $11.86  |  2 dram $19.90  |  1/2 oz $28.98


Enhanced Breath

Supporting the lungs, this anti-viral, nerve stimulant, analgesic addresses circulation and stimulates sensory perception and energy streams. First used in an atomizer for air travel to resist recirculated air toxins.

1 dram  $21.17  |  2 dram $37.05  |  1/2 oz $57.15



Balancing, strengthening, and grounding. Helps to regulate the flow of energy in the body and keep the user centered. Seems to offer assistance to those who have emotional challenges caused by chemical imbalances. Seems to promote more stable thinking when a person is in an irrational state.

1 dram  $26.30  |  2 dram $46.50  |  1/2 oz $72.68



Known to settle and equalize body systems. Can help shift mental confusion and forgetfulness, reduce anxiety and help one achieve a greater state of calm.

1 dram  $21.55  |  2 dram $37.75 |  1/2 oz $58.30



Is very purifying and uplifting. It promotes hope, happiness and love, and allows one to embrace sensory input in its entirety. It is known to increase intuitive abilities, bringing forth exquisite awareness of the beauty and profundity of life’s experience.

1 dram  $28.20  |  2 dram $50.00  |  1/2 oz $78.43


Faerie II

Inspiration, magical dreams, and visions are the heart of this blend. Pay close attention to seemingly unimportant thoughts and fleeting sparks of information because in these are great ideas and wisdom. Helps creative inspiration flow into action with a childlike enthusiasm.

1 dram  $51.95  |  2 dram $93.75 |  1/2 oz $150.30



This blend of oils promotes fertility in every sense. Reported to stimulate creativity, enrich thought processes, and enhance productivity in any facet of life. It has been known to assist with actual fertility and procreation. The possibilities are endless!

1 dram  $11.10  |  2 dram $18.50  |  1/2 oz $26.68



Helps to expedite alignment with the new frequencies that are currently flooding the planet, adapting the physical body to a higher vibration. Facilitates reconnection to the earth and the universe thus helping to make the individual feel they are part of this one large, living system as we were meant to be… no longer separate or disconnected.

1 dram  $10.15  |  2 dram $16.75  |  1/2 oz $23.80



Another one of the oils blended for the holidays, but meant to be used year round. The scent is reported to be grounding, as well as refreshing, strengthening and enlivening. Revives the spirit and offers a boost to the respiratory system.

1 dram  $11.48  |  2 dram $19.20  |  1/2 oz $27.83



We have permission for this blend is to be used for ‘creative births’ of all kinds:  projects, ideas, spiritual growth, improved health and, as originally conceived, to help with natural birth.  Initially used in the baby’s room and linens during the early family bonding, we have been given to permission to use this for additional beginnings.  Support your creativity!

1 dram  $23.36  |  2 dram $41.08 |  1/2 oz $63.76


Gift of the Magi

ANOINTING OIL. Affects deep healing- physically, emotionally and spiritually. Helps to integrate, release, or resolve old wounds and grief. Powerful and comforting. Perfect choice to assist someone who is dying, and also helps those left behind to cope. Promotes normal sleep and function when one is overcome with grief, anxiety and crying spells.

1 dram  $44.35  |  2 dram $79.75  |  1/2 oz $127.30


Hair-New Blend

A blend of essential oils , heavy on the Rosemary, to support healthy hair regrowth.  Applied to the scalp it may encourage thinning hair to once again be thick and glossy.  Can be purchased in the carrier oils Jojoba and Grapeseed in a 1 oz bottle for $12.00.

1 dram  $11.67  |  2 dram $19.55  |  1/2 oz $28.4


Happy Family

Said to promote feelings of unity and camaraderie in a group setting. Believed to be an aid to communication and problem solving, thus facilitating the creation of a peaceful environment. Seems to encourage an atmosphere of harmonious co-creation and contentment.

1 dram  $32.95  |  2 dram $58.75  |  1/2 oz $92.80

Headache Remedy

Helps to relieve a nagging headache by increasing circulation, improving lung function, lowering stress levels and bringing emotional calm and strength.

1 dram  $20.13  |  2 dram $35.13  |  1/2 oz $53.99


Healing Blend

Helps facilitate healing on all levels…physical, mental, emotional & spiritual, while bringing one to center, stillness, and vibrate with new frequencies, and thus be healthier overall. Works with the subtle bodies. A great boon when one is feeling sluggish and out of sorts (out of body).

1 dram  $20.22  |  2 dram $35.30  |  1/2 oz $54.28


Heart of God

This is a very powerful and uplifting spiritual blend designed to create a balance between heart and soul, and the connection between our hearts and minds.

1 dram  $22.50  |  2 dram $39.50  |  1/2 oz $61.18


High Altitude

Created to assist travelers in acclimating to airplanes or mountain tops. Known to keep one grounded, calm and open to deep breathing during the stress of travel or new adventures.

1 dram  $46.25  |  2 dram $83.25  |  1/2 oz $133.05


Holiday Cheer

A great blend created for the holidays, but useful all year long!  It is cheering, uplifting and warming. Stimulating to the senses and systems, it can be extremely helpful in fighting off colds and flus by offering a boost to the immune system.

1 dram  $15.38  |  2 dram $26.38  |  1/2 oz $39.61



This blend of oils is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial, and can be a huge boon to the immune system. Helps to ward off colds and viruses.

1 dram  $9.01  |  2 dram $14.65  |  1/2 oz $20.35



A new blend for a new era. Helps to integrate our seemingly paradoxical reality into a whole and wholly integrated reality.

1 dram  $87.10  |  2 dram $158.50  |  1/2 oz $256.68



Designed to energize and uplift, and to revive you when your feet are dragging, while strengthening the immune system. Wakes you up – body, mind and spirit!

1 dram  $13.00  |  2 dram $22.00  |  1/2 oz $32.43


Joyce’s Choice

Originally designed for my sister who wanted a blend with a bright citrus scent, we have discovered this blend is great for moving fluid out of the tissue, reducing swelling, calming digestive systems and encouraging deep breaths. All around ‘feel good’ with calm energy.

1 dram  $10.15  |  2 dram $16.75  |  1/2 oz $23.80


Lucid Dreaming

A drop of this blend on the 3rd eye or at the temples enhances the dream state and helps to promote lucid dreaming. A great tool for problem solving, breaking old patterns and implementing creative solutions to life’s obstacles.

1 dram  $20.60  |  2 dram $36.00  |  1/2 oz $52.55



Helps to create an energetic vibration that is in allowance of miracles. Brings forth feelings of GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION.

1 dram  $17.09  |  2 dram $29.53  |  1/2 oz $44.79


Mystical 3

Art was the inspiration for the creation of this oil. Inspires, and helps manifest the outward expression of the inner creative impulse. In other words, Mystical 3 acts as an aid in bringing the creative self PHYSICALLY forward to the public.

1 dram  $24.50 |  2 dram $43.18  |  1/2 oz $67.21


Open Flower

Serves to open the sinus passages, and support deep breathing. Applied topically, it can offer relief to muscle stress and pain. Spiritually, it is said to assist the user as they begin to communicate with the high self and connect to the universal God consciousness. Begins the ascension process.

1 dram  $9.58  |  2 dram $15.70  |  1/2 oz $22.08



Has many subtle layers. Can enhance romantic passion, but also acts as a catalyst to adding passion to all endeavors of your life. May create passion for a project, hobby, work, person, etc. or ignite one’s imagination to produce creative solutions to problems. Like Abundance, it may act as an amplifier and add passion to any pursuit.

1 dram  $56.07  |  2 dram $102.50  |  1/2 oz $164.68


Rainy Day

This complex blend of essential oils assists the respiratory system, is grounding and brings that euphoric feeling of walking after a rainstorm. Often used in a mister or inhaler, it has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties to support you in a closed environment such as an office or on an airplane.

1 dram  $9.39  |  2 dram $15.35  |  1/2 oz $21.50


Relaxing Rub

A blend designed specifically for massage oils, brings relaxation and deep release in the muscles. Great as a bath oil too.

1 dram  $11.96  |  2 dram $20.08  |  1/2 oz $29.26



A very relaxing blend. Known to be a powerful sleep aid, that helps restore and repair the body.

1 dram  $20.89  |  2 dram $36.53  |  1/2 oz $56.29


Respiratory Rescue

Great blend for the overall respiratory system. Known to alleviate inflammation in the body, facilitating decongestion of the head, lungs, and lymph system.

1 dram  $11.39 |  2 dram $19.03  |  1/2 oz $27.54



Helps to restore energetic health and heartiness to cellular structure. Enhances the DNA and acts as a magnetic draw for new, higher frequencies, while helping the body adapt to energetic shifts. On a more physical level, this blend can also be refreshing and restorative to a tired body, heart and mind.

1 dram  $23.45  |  2 dram $41.25  |  1/2 oz $64.05


Helps promote feelings of deep affection for people, situations, and experiences. Supports falling in love all over again with a loved one or a facet of your life you have been ignoring.

1 dram  $61.45  |  2 dram $111.25 |  1/2 oz $179.05



Creates a haven wherever you are! Promotes feelings of security and peace, thus making any location a place of great comfort and joy.

1 dram  $63.35  |  2 dram $114.75  |  1/2 oz $184.80


Skin Soother

Focused on calming inflammation, stressed nerves or skin that has been irritated by bug bites or too much sun, this blend is designed to work diluted in a carrier oil of your choice or ask for it blended. Priced as pure EOs.

1 dram  $29.15  |  2 dram $51.75  |  1/2 oz $81.30


Star of Love

Acts as a catalyst to connect with Divine Oneness and the frequency of Universal Love. Seems to literally assist our cells and DNA to be permeated with this vibrational frequency.

1 dram  $39.60  |  2 dram $71.00  |  1/2 oz $112.93


Star Spirit

Attunes the physical body to radiate the vibrational frequency of Universal Love.

1 dram  $17.56  |  2 dram $30.40  |  1/2 oz $46.23


Stress Relief

Does what it says. Great used as an inhaler or added to the bath.

1 dram  $28.49  |  2 dram $50.53  |  1/2 oz $79.29


Time to Escape

Different scent and unique blend, yet like Travel Comfort this group of oils can help you be more calm and accepting where you are, or it may assist you in getting out of there.

1 dram  $7.11  |  2 dram $11.15  |  1/2 oz $14.60


Travel Comfort

Assists with the respiratory and digestive discomforts from travel and staying in unfamiliar homes/rooms/meetings.

1 dram  $20.60 |  2 dram $36.00  |  1/2 oz $55.43


Tummy Aid

A few drops rubbed directly onto the stomach area, full strength or diluted, can bring quick relief to an upset, or help with digestion.

1 dram  $12.34  |  2 dram $20.78 |  1/2 oz $30.41



Acts as a tonic for the body. Revives, refreshes and revitalizes the mind, body and spirit. Whereas Invigorate offers a pick-me-up when you are dragging, Vitality is an overall restorative that keeps your body in smooth running order energetically.  Can help the body move excess fluid.

1 dram  $8.82  |  2 dram $14.30  |  1/2 oz $19.78


Walk in the Woods

The scent is like a walk so deep in the woods that the quiet is loud. The smells of the soft leaves and needles under foot with the fresh new growth gently surrounding you. Great as a mister. A blend of 11 pure essential oils it is anti-viral, anti fungal.

1 dram  $13.95  |  2 dram $23.75  |  1/2 oz $35.30


Walking On Sunshine

Promotes feelings of great happiness and lightheartedness. Truly like possessing joy in a bottle!

1 dram  $9.58  |  2 dram $15.70  |  1/2 oz $22.08


Walk With Angels

Works to open your heart, and to align with your high self. Helps you stay grounded while connecting to spirit… like having your feet on the ground while your head is in the stars – a true balance between heaven and earth. Elevates the heart; promotes lightheartedness. Excellent for meditation.

1 dram  $38.65  |  2 dram $69.25  |  1/2 oz $110.05



While blending essential oils one evening I allowed myself to become distracted and made a huge mistake in adding the wrong oil into a known recipe. With all of that energy and power, I was unsure of the best response until a higher self instructed me to put a lid on it and I would know. Over the years this oil blend is often a superconscious choice for body work, and the clients always say it brings comfort when used. Aptly named, it is for Whatever, for you in the moment.

1 dram  $10.15  |  2 dram $16.75  |  1/2 oz $23.80