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Scentered Body Products

Cellular Memory

A special blend of essential oils that helps tissue release toxins, stimulates elastin and returns skin to its youthful texture. Sold in a combination of carrier oils that moisturize and support healthy skin.

4 oz  $35.00


Psoriasis Relief

A special blend of healing essential oils that address the special skin difficulties with Psoriasis and Eczema. Calming to the nerves, moisturizing the thickening, drying and itching symptoms; this blend has calmed an outbreak and when used regularly, prevented or lessened the next outbreak. A little goes a long way.

2 oz pump  $65.00


Deep Tissue Release

A special blend of pure essential oils in grape seed carrier oil that has been developed for manual Lymphatic Drainage. Quickly absorbed, a little goes a long way.  It works deep in the muscular tissue to release chronic tension to return the body to homeostasis.  Therefore it is often used for any muscular tension and discomfort.

1/2 oz  $15.99   |   1 oz  $22.96


Feet Treat

Essential oil blend in Epsom Salts. Recommended use – soak in warm water 15-20 minutes to relieve that ‘bone tired’ feeling.

2 oz  $5.48


Fungus Fighter

A blend of essential oil in cider vinegar to brush on the nail bed and surrounding area after your bath or each time you have access to your feet before bed, putting on gym clothes, etc. This treatment works within the body to kill the fungus without stressing the liver.

.4 oz bottle with brush applicator  $12.00


Lymphatic Drainage Blend

I was using a blend from a reputable manufacturer for lymphatic work with great results but no knowledge of the ingredients because they are a trade secret. So I made my own. This blend of essential oils in grape seed oil will reduce swelling, help the body’s lymphatic system move fluid out of the tissue where needed and flush the system to assist in detoxing.

1/2 oz  $27.48    |   1 oz  $44.74


Rain Ease

Eight pure essential oils blended in Grape seed carrier oil, used as a massage oil with the Raindrop Therapy. Can be used after a bath or shower for a refreshing moisturizer.

4 oz  $15.00


Scar Relief

Healing, calming, nutritional essential oils in a base of Aloe Butter and carrier oils that support skin elasticity and softening to allow scar work and quick healing.

2 oz Pump  $65.00


Sore No More

Offers icy/hot relief to tired, sore, tight and overworked muscles. Helps soften and relax cramped muscles, thus breaking the cycle of pain.

.35 oz roll-on  $15.00


Wound Treatment

Developed as a direct application on wounds, whether new, closed by stitches or scabbed. Essential oils in Aloe Butter and other nutritional carriers, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral elements are so much more comforting than the usual petroleum based lubricants sold OTC.  The essential oil blend supports healthy tissue and shortens the healing time.

.15 oz  $15.00