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More About Essential Oils

Essential-OIls-1024x682As many of my bodywork clients know, I have a line of products based on essential oils.  The proprietary blends are the result of requests from clients, the personal needs of myself and friends for health, wellness and wanting non toxic cleaning tools.  My friend Meg often contacts me with a new recipe that she has discerned and it is mixed to discover the unique scent and purpose.  If you are interested in our products, use the pull down window Products and check out the descriptions.  These descriptions of use and experiences may not be all that they are about.  I have discovered the essential oils have a personal relationship with each of us, and can have a different result for you than they do for me.  Because most of my products come from the intuitive choices I am always interested in the scientific studies that support the power of their use.  You might want to check out this site for more information and scientific results:

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