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Let Me Be

Song sheet

I attended a memorial service for someone I have only known a few years. Always friendly, with a smile and open welcome for everyone, my knowledge of his life was limited to the casual encounters at spiritual events. The memorial service was joyful, loving and enlightening for me. I became aware of a man who had been a very talented musician for decades, worked with artists known around the world and more important, he mentored many in a business known for egocentric self promotion. He encouraged others, collaborated with many, and influenced thousands with his personal integrity. Of the dozens who sang, played instruments and performed their creations I was struck by this song as a personal message for me. It isn’t new, but it is newly important in my life at this time and I wanted to share it with you. At a time that most of my peers have retired, I am moving forward with new adventures and expanding my knowledge for my craft. This message of how I should live this wonderful life and adventure is well described here and a memory of Jimmy Johnson.

The delay in this post is due to my limited talent with computer, blog and posting.  The message is timeless, Jimmy left us many months ago.

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